Friday, March 4, 2016

Aurora Wings New Release-Venus Flytrap And Praying Mantis Sprite

Today i am so excited to share with you all another new releases from Aurora Wings named Venus Flytrap Sprite. When Mitzi first show me the image, i couldn't help but thinking that she is so cute and an echantress. Those poor fly didn't have a chance! And since i just got myself a Cinch, finally i can make my own book! And fill it with my colouring page! Yeay!! Here is my first page. Since it is a book, i can not put many embellish on it, quite a challenge, but i take it. Here is my page

Here is the close up of her. Really enjoyed a new background lesson from Alyce awesome class ^^

On the top of it, i add some splatter effect using stencil and inkado. Really love the metallic effect on it.
Can not stand it and add some silver glitter eyeliner on her lol. Glad it can showed on the pic ^^

The second sprite that i will introduce to all of you is Praying Mantis Sprite. I just found a printable paper box from Fantastic Toys that will perfect to showcase this cutie. Here he is
I never imagined that praying mantis will be this cute! Mitzi did an awesome job making him! Here is him close up

He is guarding the box lol. I am colouring him with monochrome colour, not usual colour for mantis, but hey..he is sprite so this is how i imagined him ^^ And recently i just got my hand into sakura gel pen, add it into him. And add glow in the dark glitter on the flowers.
Here is the top of the box. The sentiment is make me smile ^^ Because when you open it, inside is just a bunch of flowers, not a cake. Decorate the top with gorgeous Petal Lu's flowers.

Here is the new releases

 You can check the awesome project that other girls make in here. And you can buy The Praying Mantis digi lng version here and jpeg version here. Venus Flytrap jpeg version here and the png version here. I hope you all like my projects! See you on my next post!



  1. Love your inspirations for these two new releases, Silvia! The Venus Flytrap is colorful and whimsical, and what a great book! The Praying Mantis box is totally enchanting. Love the way your coloring brings life to the images!! Thank you so much for the awesome samples for today's new releases!
    Mitzi xxx

  2. Love the whimsical colors you always use in your projects, Ilvia! So beautiful and so much fun! Fabulous book and the background for Venus just ROCKS! Adorable box and you've managed to take the "scary" out of Praying Mantis Sprite, too. I love your imagination. xxD

  3. I love your new handmade journal! Your Venus Fly Trap is gorgeous too. Love the background. Praying Mantis is perfect too. Your are so creative! Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

  4. Both awesome projects, really love the colorful Journal x

  5. Beautiful! Love the fantasy colours on the venus fly trap, she looks out of this world :)

  6. Love both your projects, the background on the fly trap is amazing x