Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunflower Sprite

Hello all, so excited to share my new card on the blog ^^  Today i make card using sunflower sprite from Aurora Wing. I found new toys, acrylic paint from MS and Sakura. Paint the background using MS, use stensil for the light effect with Sakura paint. It is my first time using stensil and paint, so i love how it turn out. I loved the word art.. made it to cheers my friend, she recently got something in her lives and i hope she will do the word art said.

Here is my card, please take a look at one sprite in right. It is my 3,5 years old daughter coloring. when i colored my sprite, she sit beside me, watching me coloring. And when i play with acrylic, she colored BY HERSELF! She managed to copy exactly what color i use, just by watching me color! (after i finished my sprite i save it and put it in high place when my daughter can not reach, so she colour using her memory!) So pardon me if i am so proud of her and brag about her a little lol.
Here is the "rainbow" a.k.a the sunflower sprite close up.
Now the interesting part. Dear my lovely crafter friends from Indonesia, i know how you loooved your Magnolia stamp and colored it all the time. But, just for this once, why you don't colour something beside Tilda? Especially when Mitzi is so generous gave this digi stamp FREE!! Yes you read it right! You can get this cute and lovely sunflower sprite free!! And even more interesting part, after you made your card using it, you can enter it into the challenge for opportunity to win more Aurora Wing's beautiful digi!!

So.. what are you waiting for? Go here to download this cutie and make sure you read the rules before enter the challenge. Can not wait to see your creation and guys.. i am sure you will got addicted to AW stamp like i do lol.

Hope you like my post.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beach Luca-Lala land simple card

Hello all, today i want to share with you all a card i made. I make it super simple because lack of time. My mother in law asked me to make a card for her friend daughter just have a baby boy. And she asked me just BEFORE she want to go visit in the hospital. Soo... i made this card in 10 minute in hurry  >.<  Luckily i have coloured the stamp before, so i just need assembled it into a card. I used beach Luca from Lala Land stamp, he is so cute ^^

I loved the sentiment to, it show how mother's love. And i want to share with you all my coloring before when i just started coloring and making card. See the before and after lol. Makes me laugh so hard.

This is it, hope you enjoy reading my post. See you on my next post!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby Tilda Magnolia

Hallo everyone! Today is a holy day to my Moslem friends, so i want to said to them: "Selamat Hari Raya!"  ^^ And now i want to share scrapbook card that i made today for a lovely baby girl ever!
I used the cute baby tilda from Magnolia stamp, she is so cute and perfect for the theme. And here it is when i put the card into the frame, and packed it, ready to be a present for the baby girl ^^
This is it, i hope you enjoy reading my short post lol. See you soon on my next post!


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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sprite frenzy!

Hello all, this is my second blog post, so excited ^^
Today i want to share to you all card that i make. It contain 4 image and i colored them 6 hours! It is the most time i ever have to color 1 project, whew! But.. i liked how they turn out ^^

I make the card super simple, just added a pearl, few flower and stickles and twinkled of stella. Because i want to focus on the image. And.. if there are a camera in fairy world, they will make a selfie pic like this lol..
Here it is close up look. I used Wisteria Sprites by Aurora Wings
And here are my trio ^^  I used Bleeding Heart Sprites, Pixie, and Grumpy Fae, they are also from Aurora Wings.
So here it is! I hope that will see you all again on my next post!

Love, Silvia

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Yipee! It is my new blog! In here i will start recording my progress in card making ^^  If you want to see my previous creation, then you can go to my FB page here:

Meanwhile, i will post my recent creation, a birthday card that made for my friend

I used stamp from Make it Crafty, Angelica. Love her so much! It took me 3 hours just to colour her with many trial and error >.<

Here is close up view of her

This is it! Will post more of my craft here/ Hope you all liked it! ^^

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