Thursday, November 5, 2015

Aurora Wings 2500 Member Celebration and Two New Releases

Hello all! Today i am super duper excited to show you all what i have been doing all week. I am working on two releases of Aurora Wings for the celebration event! Prepare for a long post and pic lol. Here is the first release. There will be two versions of this image, here's the 'no background' version preview of the "Mermaid and Her Baby" digi. The full digi is 5.5" wide by 9.5" tall (the version with the background will be 7" x 10"). You can buy her on Etsy (JPG Version) and Etsy (PNG Version) or on AW Digi Shop
Can you tell why i am superr happy with this one? As a mermaid freak, i love her! And combined with her baby, i can fainted right now lol. Seeing her make me think of myself with my lil baby! I could not resist but making 2 project with her. Here is the first one. I using the original size, so big that i decided to frame her. And i have embossed paper that sparkle and glittery, perfect as the background.

And for the second one, i cropped her for better look on her with the baby. Decided to make it as CAS card to focus on the image. I stenciled the background and add water drop sequins.

And for the second releases, Mitzi has created a super cute sprite that perfect for Christmas named
"Christmas Light Sprite" You can get him on Etsy (PNG Version) and Etsy (JPEG Version) or on AW Digi Shop

Isn't he adorable? I make easel card with him.

And super excited news, during last day celebration on Aurora Wings Facebook Group a freebie is available for 24 hours only! Here is the cute freebie and what i make with her. Btw, she is named "Garland Sprite" ^^

You can see all other DT gals gorgeous project Here

See you on my next post! I hope you all enjoyed the celebration and releases like i do!



  1. WOW, SILVIA!!!! What an inspiration! My jaw just dropped after seeing all of your fabulous makes. Gorgeous work with the mermaid and how perfect for you with your adorable new son. Will have to try stenciling a background. The effect is stunning. And EEEK!!! Your Sprites are so adorable I just want to pinch them. Beautiful coloring all around. xxD

  2. Stunning. So very beautiful. Love everything about these. Colors, coloring and especially interested in the Harp. I am looking all over for a Harp image just like that. Can you please share with me how or where you got that Harp. Is it a stamp or is it photo shopped or what?

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment :) The harp is a scrapbook paper that i buy on my trip to Hongkong last year, on the local scrapbook store

  3. Silvia, I'm so happy to have you back on my team on full throttle! :D Could't believe you gave us not just one or two, but four gorgeous makes to look at during this celebration!! The "Mermaid and Her Baby" image was definitely inspired by you and your new baby boy. ^_^ So happy you like it so much!! And you've done a fantastic job capturing the effect of glow from light bulbs on the Christmas Lights Sprite. Just magical!! Thank you so much for your generous gift of time and talent to this showcase today!!

    Mitzi xxx