Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wedding Anniversary Card

Hello all! Today i want to share with you all a wedding card i make. I got another challenge from my crafter friend. Must making a white-gold wedding anniversary card for her. So i take the challenge and make a card using another gorgeous image from Aurora Wings named Wedding Couple. Here is the simple card i make.

Using white cardstock as the background, making the bride's dress gold, white tuxedo on the groom, and colour the background with bright colour. Using the gold cardstock for the leaf. Here is the close up of the image.

Do you know, i have some challenge in making and colouring this card. My baby boy not happy that he didn't get my attention, so he take my copic as hostage and even hold it while go to sleep. (oh my!)

Well, i managed to finished the card with biscuit as a payment lol. I hope you all like my card. See you on my next post!


1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous card, Silvia! Love the gold and white - really love the orange background. Hehe, your little boy sleeping with your Copic is just too adorable! Kids and pets are definitely jealous of our artistic projects and demand their share of attention whenever we're busy, don't they? I have cats that jump on my desk and stick their heads in my face as if to say, "You stop that now and pay attention to me!"
    Mitzi xxx